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Chlöe Davies

Good design is something that challenges you to think differently about the world. It has the potential to influence, inspire and excite, to reflect our intentions and what we believe in.

I am inspired by many things, I have learned to be curious, to allow things to evolve naturally, to observe the world in new ways and take inspiration from accidents and mistakes. I tell myself to always expect the unexpected. That it is okay to get lost, to make impulsive left turns, or, was that a right turn? To take diversions and follow different paths because the more you know, the more you want to know and eventually more things end up making sense.

I aspire to work with other people to create a story, a business with a narrative. This allows me to consider the purpose of the work I do and enables me to dedicate my time to becoming strong, innately curious and work towards creating a more restorative world through positive change. Achieving a model of design that can make us fully engage in the present whilst having the ability to hold memories of our past and facilitate aspirations for our future.

If you feel you have a path that needs exploring, I’m looking for new ways to get lost.