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Saxon Brewer-Marchant

I feel that good design should be socially, economically and environmentally aware. I feel that one is not just designing an object, there’s a responsibility to designing the whole user experience, from product purchase to end of life strategies. How the product engages with its target audience and more importantly how it engages with the natural world and sustainability.

I am very much influenced by my surroundings. A close knit group of inspirational, creative thinkers enables creative juices to flow… and inspiration comes naturally.

As a designer, I want to create design that has a positive effect on people's lives. I don't want to be confined in any one field of design. Pushing the boundaries of perceived possibilities is what I live for.

Outside of the design world, I am a Long Range Target Rifle Shooter, competing at an international level. I have toured around the world with various teams, shooting at distances up to 1200 yards. I take my training very seriously and hope to progress to the senior Great Britain Rifle Team within the next few years.