Our projects

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Jayden Newman - Allay

Cassie Aspden - B.Light

Saxon Brewer-Marchant - Kemi

Nathaniel Jones - Labyrinth

Arthur Holt - Flex

Luke Samson Hill - Penarth Pack

Charles Clarke - The Woodland Waste

Connie Rudd - bU

Elliot Lunn - FORMiT

Chlöe Davies - It Matters

Drew Spathaky - The Tribute Tray

Wiktoria Boniecka - Modulaa

Chloe Davies - Tiny Tor

Charles Clarke - Pendler

Jayden Newman - Allay

Stefan Hewitt - Omne

Skye Algera - Caring for Carers

Drew Spathaky - Alex Light

Cassie Aspden - The Tired Ones

Connie Rudd - Hex

Arthur Holt - life stories

Nathaniel Jones - Kor

Skye Algera - Stori

John Ragadio - Trib Col

Beni Leung - Lumba

Daniel Vorley - Wheel

Francesco Gentili - Aria

Jeanet Wong - Rings

Ollie Kidner - Shoe

Stuart King - Surfboard

Ashu Sharma - Picture Puppets